Welcome to our Love of Wood Blog

Hello, thanx for joining us. We're excited to have our mission go live, and happy that you're here! What is the mission you might ask? I'd LOVE to share... here's my attempt to summarize:

Wood is incredible, the stories from centuries past that the trees can tell, the unique magnificence of each piece, the sheer beauty it emanates... and even more incredible are the trees still standing. Let's leave those alone!!!

Our mission is share this magnificence only from trees already down. Windfall, trees coming down for safety reasons, huge trees unearthed- preserved from hundreds of years of forest floor accumulating over top of them, logs pulled out of local bays- discovered decades after being dropped in our recent centuries' logging boom... some of the many ways that we are able to offer this old growth and feel fantastic about it.

Please join us in sharing the beauty of wood and the importance our dwindling forests provide. Thank you again!

Borne of a Love for Wood


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